Monday, December 15, 2008

If you were King Tut?

Just imagine. If you were 9 years old and you were put in charge of an entire country!! Just imagine. The pressure must have been insurmountable, to be the ruler of all of Egypt! If you were the president at age nine do you think you would make the right decisions if you were in that position. Just Imagine. If Barack Obama was our president when he was 9. Or George

Washington at age 9. It is crazy and it is remarkable that he pulled it off with a fair amount of success. Most people know who Tut is only because of his beautiful tomb but they should know him for being the Youngest Pharaoh to ever rule Egypt!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tomb of Tut

King Tut is very well known around the world mainly for his tomb. Tut's tomb is in the Valley of the Kings. The tomb is under the tomb of Rammes. Tut's tomb was famously uncovered in the year 1922. Man that is a long time ago and we are still learning!!! When they went inside they saw treasures of many kinds but also noticed missing jewelry. There were three stamps on the door which hinted to the idea of the tomb being robbed. Archaeologists now think that the tomb was robbed twice and had lost 60% of it's beautiful treasures!!! That's more than half of the valuables that Tut was left with. More importantly they saw King Tut! He was in a beautiful gold coated sarcophagus. This was an amazing discovery and was all over the news. Everyone wanted to see the magical tomb of the boy king.

But (uh oh this can't be good) there were some who said there was a curse. Most thought this idea was crazy and was impossible. Until many of the people that had entered the tomb of Tutankhamen had became sick or had lost their lives. I guess all the people around the world that wanted to see the tomb had changed their minds! This also made huge news and was a huge shock to the world.

The tomb of Tut is still filled with mystery as we try to put together the vast puzzle of the Ancient Egyptians.

The Dynasty of King Tut

King Tut is a member of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. This included alot of great Pharaohs including Tutankhamen. Some of these Pharaohs are Ahmose; Amenhotep I; Thutmose I; Thutmose II; Queen Hatshepsut; Thutmose III; Amenhotep II; Thutmose IV; Amenhotep III; Amenhotep IV; Smenkhkare; Queen Ankhetkheprure; Tutankhamen; Aye; and Horemheb.
That is alot of people in one dynasty. The craziest thing is their names!!!!!! It hurts my hand just typing it!

Tutankhman. A 9 year old Pharoh?????

King Tut is the youngest Pharaoh that ever ruled over Egypt. He was put in power at age 9. This happened because his father and both of his 2 brothers died. They died in supposedly 1362 B.C.

He must have been overwhelmed. To rule over thousands of people and a whole nation at age nine is astonishing. To me that shows me that King Tut must have had alot of character.

Life for King Tut

King Tut is said to have had a very luxurious life in Egypt. But I am getting ahead of myself. King Tut was born the youngest of three brothers and seven sisters. When he was three he moved in with his brother Akhenaton and was brought up like one of his own. Tut was taught to read hieroglyphics, write, swim and wrestle. WOW, must have been a busy guy. Tut most likely like the way his life was other than the wars and other things of that sort. His life really perked up when he was named Pharaoh of Egypt. He probably was pretty mad that he didn't get to make all the decisions at the beginning. I would so fire the vizier for making all my decisions. Sometimes you just got to show them who is boss. Anyway he must have been extremely mad when the vizier destroyed his fathers city. Ohhh man that would tick me off. Later in his life he made the decisions which I am sure he liked. Though his life was very short, he probably had a good time when he was Pharaoh.

The Impact of King Tut

King Tut is a very well known name around the world and surprises me after I have researched him. King Tut was mearly a boy when he came to power. This is why the vizier made most of the decisions. Tut was a son of the ex-Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Amenhotep had a controversial, but great impact on Egypt. He was the first to think of Monotheism. The reign of his father left a big shadow over Tut. I would have gone out of my mind. Talk about pressure it's crazy how he did it.
King Tut is said to have reigned over Egypt for only 10 years. ONLY!!! 10 years is a pretty long time if you ask me! His reign lasted 10 years because Tut mysteriously died in the year 1352 B.C. Archaeologists say that he was 19 when he died. He was a teenager, that is way to young to die in my book. Tut was remembered by the Egyptians but i bet they never thought he would be this famous world-wide!