Friday, December 12, 2008

Tomb of Tut

King Tut is very well known around the world mainly for his tomb. Tut's tomb is in the Valley of the Kings. The tomb is under the tomb of Rammes. Tut's tomb was famously uncovered in the year 1922. Man that is a long time ago and we are still learning!!! When they went inside they saw treasures of many kinds but also noticed missing jewelry. There were three stamps on the door which hinted to the idea of the tomb being robbed. Archaeologists now think that the tomb was robbed twice and had lost 60% of it's beautiful treasures!!! That's more than half of the valuables that Tut was left with. More importantly they saw King Tut! He was in a beautiful gold coated sarcophagus. This was an amazing discovery and was all over the news. Everyone wanted to see the magical tomb of the boy king.

But (uh oh this can't be good) there were some who said there was a curse. Most thought this idea was crazy and was impossible. Until many of the people that had entered the tomb of Tutankhamen had became sick or had lost their lives. I guess all the people around the world that wanted to see the tomb had changed their minds! This also made huge news and was a huge shock to the world.

The tomb of Tut is still filled with mystery as we try to put together the vast puzzle of the Ancient Egyptians.

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