Friday, December 12, 2008

Life for King Tut

King Tut is said to have had a very luxurious life in Egypt. But I am getting ahead of myself. King Tut was born the youngest of three brothers and seven sisters. When he was three he moved in with his brother Akhenaton and was brought up like one of his own. Tut was taught to read hieroglyphics, write, swim and wrestle. WOW, must have been a busy guy. Tut most likely like the way his life was other than the wars and other things of that sort. His life really perked up when he was named Pharaoh of Egypt. He probably was pretty mad that he didn't get to make all the decisions at the beginning. I would so fire the vizier for making all my decisions. Sometimes you just got to show them who is boss. Anyway he must have been extremely mad when the vizier destroyed his fathers city. Ohhh man that would tick me off. Later in his life he made the decisions which I am sure he liked. Though his life was very short, he probably had a good time when he was Pharaoh.

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